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About Me

My name is Alex Fattouche, I am a software engineer that is passionate about code, networking, infrastructure, video games and all things tech. I enjoy solving cutting edge problems, working on personal projects and contributing to software communities through code. For more information related to technical skills and experience, please see my resume.

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My High Level Skills

Operations/Production Engineering/Site Reliability
Back End Development
Full Stack Development

Production Engineering

Dealing with site reliability using cloud and data center models.

Software Development

Writing clean and robust code while following best practices.


Working intelligently with colleagues on a daily basis.

Problem Solving

Solving unique problems independently.

Latest Projects

Here are some examples of my latest github projects.

Latest Products Image

Unity Viking Gaming

I combined my love for video games with the amazing platform that is unity to create my first 3d survival game, written in C#.

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Latest Products Image

TCP server Networks

I created a TCP server using on datagram sockets, implementing my own flow and error control.

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Full Stack

Web development Full stack

Using Nodejs and Mongodb I worked with 3 team members to create a web based application of the ancient chinese game GO.

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The Result

I will always put 100% effort into every challenge I am faced with, I strive on learning and breaking through my limits.

Contact Me

I will be most available through my email.